ONP: camping at Cape Alava

We just got back from a nice long weekend spent in the Olympic National Park. We arrived at Lake Ozette camp ground Friday afternoon in 2 cars completely stuffed with our packs. After filling up water, redistributing some weight from some packs to others (mostly to mine and Vinay’s) we set on a 4 mile hike down the Cape Alava trail down to the beach. The trail was one of the nicer ones I have seen in a while. The whole path was a very nice and sometimes bouncy boardwalk that led us through the woods all the way to the pacific beach. Once at the beach, we set up our tents and after having our food went immediately to bed.

The next day when we all woke up (some later than others, yeah OK fine, i was the last to wake up. Don’t tell me you thought otherwise) we realized that the fog had been so strong the night before that none of us realized there were a few other islands in front of us. On Saturday we went for a very nice hike along the the beach, sometimes sandy, sometimes rocky and watched the fog go inland and back to see.

One of the most amazing things that i think caught us all by surprise was how high and low the tide can get. On the first night the water was a few meters from our tents, but by the next morning the water had receded so much that you could pretty much walk to the nearby islands.

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