Evian commercials: the good and the creepy

A few years ago i saw this ad for Evian water. It was an homage to Queen: We will rock you at same time as it was pretty and well designed. Now that said, today one of my friends showed me their new add; JUST CREEPY. I don’t know what is the thing with babies? Every once in a while some designer or director says “You know what would be really cool? Lets have a bunch of babies in diapers do something adults would look totally stupid doing. Yeah that would be cute.” After seeing this add i don’t think I can even drink Evian water without having a slightly queasy feeling at the bottom of my stomach.  Judge for yourselves:

How does Evian make me feel? A little creeped out and sick to be honest. I don’t think i can listen to Rapper’s Delight, look at roller blades or even a child for a long time now.

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