ONP: Mount Ellinor

If you are big on nature, or just enjoy a slight on top of the world feeling then this hike is definitely for you. The views from the peek are just fantastic and unbelievable. With the clouds scattered around us and the wind throwing them around the scenery was ever changing.

[svgallery name=”Mount Ellinor – Sept 09″]

We did this hike back in September on Labour day. I do have to admit the hike up wasn’t the easiest i have been on, with 4.5 round trip and a total elevation gain of 2100 ft the climb is quite steep. Usually on these trails the beginning feels easily and it gradually gets harder, but this one as soon as we started the trail looked like a staircase the climbed through the woods. The switchbacks get shorter and more and more steep until about half way through the hike at which point you should be clearing the tree lines. That is when you truly appreciate the beauty of this climb. Once you get to peek above the trees you get to feast your eyes on  a vast scenery of Washington state. The second part of the climb is fairly rocky but very well maintained. We were told that we would be greeted by mountain goats, but all I could find were quails (hence they are in the pix). One of the cool things we saw was when on the top, the clouds parted for a second and you could see a chunk of snow which I presume is permanently there just appeared out of nowhere.

Total trip time for Orsolya and I was about 3.5 hours. We got there late around 4 pm and started to climb. We managed to be back in the car around 7:30 as the sun was going down. If you are planning to do this trip bring some strong shoes. You need to go through some rocks so be prepared. Water is as usual very recommended since you might get winded fast. Take the first wooded part slower, its steep so don’t tier yourself out. Also have a sweater handy with you, on the top it gets cold. We hit heavy fog; a cloud was rolling through. Hiking poles might be a good idea too. They would definitely help with the climb up and down. If you are a photographer, be ready to take a ton of panoramics.

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  1. Your photos are so beautiful! I’m reliving every moment on the mountain:) I love the panoramics the most! And also the photo with the little wooden steps leading up the rocky slope. Beautiful!

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