Palouse Falls – WA

In the middle of Eastern WA desert like landscape lies Palouse Falls. A big waterfall with vistas of the canyons that lie in the region.

A little more about the location:

There are 10 camp grounds in the Palouse Falls camp grounds. They are all first come first serve so try to make it there early so you can find a spot. The camp grounds are nice since there are bathrooms and running water there. Another nice thing is that the falls are RIGHT THERE. In addition to the paved view points there is a hike that takes you over the cliff to the left of the falls that gives a nice view point of the falls and the canyons.

Photo gear to bring:

Since your car is literally right there you can bring all that you wish, but make sure you have your wide angle on you as it’s the lens you will use the most. Cpol would be nice to since there are a lot of rainbows hat form thanks to the falls. I

Time of day?

The waterfalls are west facing so sunset creates very nice colors into the falls and the surrounding canyons. Go on top of the cliff to the left of the falls for very nice views of the sunset in the canyon. Since this location is in the middle of nowhere there is very little in terms of light pollution so you would definitely have nice stars at night too.

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