John Day Fossil Beds

Here are the photos from my Memorial Day weekend photo shoot in John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. If you want more information about the park along with photo tips, locations and more check out my trip report post.

View of the Sheep Rock with Cant Ranch
Close up of the Painted Hills
Wildflowers by the Clarno Unit

Close up of the Clarno Unit rock formations (do you see the face?)
Clarno Unit
Panoramic of the Clarno Unit rock formations
View of the Cant Ranch and Sheep Rock
View of the Sheep Rock from the John Day river.
Sunrise at Cathedral Rock
Deer remains in the Blue Basin
Panoramic view of the Blue Basin
Row of painted hills
Sunrise at Painted Hills
Red Rock
Lonely Black Rock
Yet another lonely rock
Painted Cove boardwalk
Painted Hills
Sunset at Painted Hills
Milky Way over the Painted Hills picnic area
Starry Night
Sunset over Mt Rainier, view from Hwy 97.
Magic Hour


To see more of the photos from this shoot, check out this SmugMug Gallery

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