Deception Pass – Rosario Beach/Bowman Bay

About an hour and a half North of Seattle lies Deception Pass. Though most folks may know about the main park, recreation area and the bridge, Rosario Beach and Bowman Bay are usually overlooked due to their secluded location. But this secluded location gives a very nice view of calm waters, tide pools and great sunsets.

Panoramic of Bowman Bay

The Deception Pass Bridge casting a shadow. Mt Baker in the background.

A little more about the hike:

This location is excellent for sunset photography. The water in the bay is usually calm and the rocks and formations in the water make for some great subjects for that  soft and creamy water effect. There are multiple paths you can take.

The bay:

As you park the car, the bay is right in front of you. Check the tide charts to see where the water is going to be. If the tide is low you can find some pretty tide pools here with all sorts of little see creatures. This is my favorite spot of the park; you are right at the water level and you have a lot of driftwood and rock formations to compose some good shots.

The overlook:

There is a short hike to the left of the bay that climbs the nearby rocks to give you some nice views. Though I personally didn’t find the view very photographable, it is certainly very pretty to see. If you get there early I would recommend picnicking up there, take in the sites, then head down to the bay to shoot the sunset.

Photo gear to bring:

You will most like be shooting wide here, so bring your widest lens. Needless to say, pack the tripod as you will need it. If you are interested in shooting the tide pools, bring a macro lens (or macro tube or macro filters). Bring a polarizer so you can cut some of the glare too.



For more on the location and directions, check out the map below, or check out my Photography Locations page for more places to shoot.

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