Night Shoot – Artists Point – Mount Baker National Park

Earlier this year, there was talk of the possibility of seeing the northern lights from WA. So a buddy and I decided to head out at night to check them out. We drove to Mount Baker Ski Area to head up Artists point and get a good view of the mountains to the north and Mt Baker to the south to enjoy the whole light show. When we arrived at our destination, we realized that the mountain was full, parking lot packed with cars and every corner filled with people. Normally as a photographer who hates random people getting in my shot this would bother me alot, but this had a beautiful feeling to it. To imagine being there with all these people in the middle of the night (past midnight at this point) and sharing the mountain had a poetic and romantic feel to it.

I set up a camera to do a continuous shoot while we went higher up for a better view, but alas no lights. I am not sure if it was the full moon covering everything, or was it the slight overcast but we ended up not seeing any northern lights. But I can truly say that I will always remember that night and how absolutely beautiful and peaceful yet busy and full it was.

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