Northern Lights from Top of Little Si

Norther Lights behind Mount Si

With the news of the Northern Lights being strong that night, Daniil and I decided to hike up Little Si and do a shoot from there. The hike isn’t too terrible if you have camera gear, and the summit gives you a decent view towards the north, with Mount Si providing some cover from some of the light pollution you would get otherwise. We set up our gear and the waiting began. We got to the top at 9:30 which meant we had to wait a few hours before the sky became dark enough to see anything. Once the sky was dark enough, we still weren’t getting my of Aurora, so we started to play around. Daniil is an avid rock climber so he brought some of his climbing gear and posed for me on the side of the mountain. After we noticed some faint hues in the sky we started shooting towards north. The Aurora was supposed to get gradually increase, but we suddenly had a strong burst and then everything died down. But that burst provided a very nice light show. I did a timelapse video of the whole thing, but that still needs some work and I will post that as soon as its ready.

Resources that might come in handy:
Where and when to go looking for Northern Lights.
Short term forecast in local time.
Long Term forecast in local time.
Long term forecast in UTC (add 8 hours)


Little Si hike:
Checkout the WTA.ORG site for hike details and trip reports.

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