Tipsoo Lake and Sunrise – Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier reflecting in Tipsoo lake

After a canceled night shoot at Mt St-Helens, Mat and I decided to make it down to Rainier and do a night shoot there. We have been there before and know the lay of the land and didnt really need to scout the location much. On the way the light was great and we had high hopes for the shoot, but as expectations always go, we ended up with a rather plain sunset and a hazy night, so little stars and definitely no milky way.

The night wasn’t all lost though, I managed to get some good shots of Rainier’s summit with the climbers going up, and some peaceful shots of the mountain’s reflection in the lake. On top of that definitely enjoyed some good conversations in the car, and met some cool new photographers at Tipsoo lake. So all and all, a good night.

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