John Day Fossil Beds – trip report

For the Memorial Day long weekend we decided to head down to John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in eastern Oregon. The park is made up of three sections or “Units” as they are called: Sheep Rock, Painted Hills and Clarno. Originally the goal was to spend the weekend photographing the Painted Hills unit of the park as it was the only section of the park I had heard about. But we decided to explore the whole park and I am glad we did.

Normally I do a post like this along with the photos I took of the location, but due to the amount of photos and the amount of details about the park I decided to dedicate this post to just detailed directions and info about the park. Check out this post for all of the photos.


Swakane Canyon

To scape the gloomy Seattle weather, we decided to venture east to the much sunnier Eastern WA. We ended up going to Swakane Canyon, for a combination of decent elevation gain (1450ft), view points and some animals. This hike was much more beautiful than I expected, the light created some amazing highlights and shadows in the canyon and having a dozen mule deer roam through the files as we were there was just an extra.


Super Moon

On May 4, 2012 the moon was considered as a “super moon”. Now I don’t want to get into the discussion whether a super moon is actually bigger than other full moons, or is it just the same size and it is all just a hype. Regardless, we headed out to eastern WA, to the mountains to get a good view of the moon and maybe snap some shots.

For more shots check out this SmugMug gallery.

Playing Tourist – Seattle’s Pikes Place

Every once in a while I like to go around town and be a tourist. Like really look at things as a tourist would do. Last week Orsolya and I did exactly that. Although we didn’t take as many photos, it was nice to walk through Pike Market and see all the things as we did the first time we came to Seattle, we even braved the line at the original Starbucks and got the same drink we would get from any other coffee shop but with an hour wait, but hey that’s what tourists do.


La Push Reservation

A few weekends ago, with some friends we decided to go to La Push reservation and chill on the beach. This location is amazing to simply roam. The time of the year wasn’t exactly ideal for photography, since the weather was quite gloomy, rainy and stormy. But in between the rain and the wind, I managed to go to the multiple beaches around there and snap some pix.

If you ever make it down there, make sure to check out all three of the beaches right in La Push (First, Second and Third beach). Also if you want an alternate view, head to Rialto beach. Also bring rain gear both for yourself and your camera as conditions can turn wet any minute.